London Catholic Worker

The London Catholic Worker was brought together by the action of the Jubilee Ploughshares in 2000. Those who came together had long sensed the need for a Catholic Worker community of hospitality and resistance in the world’s second imperial city. Our hospitality work is now made up by four houses of hospitality, a community café and a drop-in soup kitchen, and we continue to focus our resistance on the ‘war on terror’, British nuclear weapons and the arms trade and solidarity with other resistors. We hope and pray others will be inspired and want to be part of our vision and our work.

The Catholic Worker in London has different places:

  • Guiseppe Conlon House
  • Sunday Urban Table

Guiseppe Conlon House

We have opened Giuseppe Conlon House, our house of hospitality in north London! We have been given the use of this property for two years, rent free, as a base for us, as a centre for the ‘works of mercy’, especially for our work with destitute refugees, who are certainly among those ‘least of these’ who Jesus reminds us are the first in whom we should see God, see the face of the suffering and also dignified and very human Christ.

Many of our guests come to us depressed, scarred by their experience, by the on-going anxiety of having ‘no status’, of having to flee their country and their home and live without a home, without a welcome, without the resources and freedom we all take for granted. Not accepted, but still stuck here.


Postal adress:
The London Catholic Worker, 49 Mattison Road, London N4, 1BG, UK

Guiseppe Conlon House phone: +44 - 20 - 8348 8212

email: londoncatholicworker(at)yahoo.co.uk