The Fig Tree Resistance Community in Gothenburg

The Fig Tree Community is an ecumenical nonviolent resistance community located in Sweden’s second largest city of Gothenburg.  The Community are based out of a few flats in Hammarkullen (“Hammer Hill”), one of the city’s most ethnically diverse neighborhoods. The Community is part of a molecule of communities in Hammarkullen. Different communities organize resistance, soup kitchens, reflections, parties. Rather than thinking the Fig Tree Community as a whole it works like a rhizome and a molecule: connecting, moving, departing, becoming.

The Fig Tree Catholic Worker seeks to apply the tradition of Catholic Worker personalism (that is, the recognition that all people are loved completely by God and are of infinite value; and that we have a personal responsibility to serve our sisters and brothers in need and work to transform unjust social and political systems) to Gothenburg and the unique Swedish social context.  Currently, our work includes active support for existing programs that assist recent immigrants and addicts, offering hospitality to people in need out of our “Christ room,” hosting a twice-monthly Catholic Worker book study and discussion group, and organizing resistance to the Swedish arms industry.  We also maintain a close connection to the Swedish Plowshares movement, which follows the injunction of Isaiah 2:4 (“they shall hammer their swords into plowshares…”) by directly disarming nuclear weapons and other tools of killing.

Our community currently consists of six people: We welcome you to visit our community or to consider joining us in this “kin-dom” experiment!


Fikonträdet motståndskommunitet

c/o Per Herngren

Sandeslätt 54
SE - 424 36 Angered

Telephone +46 (0)70 - 8877211

E-mail: konfliktingripande(at)gmail.com