Maria Skobtsova House in Calais

Association Maria Skobtsova
A Christian community which supports refugees and migrants in Calais.

Mother Maria Skobtsova house is a residential community that serves people who have been pushed into the margins of society. We started working with refugees and migrants in the refugee camp called "the jungle" (since February 2016) and as we discover homelessness in the city of Calais we are looking how to support homeless and poor people here and to build a community across the divide. In the jungle we do not just try to 'help' refugees, we prefer to be there with them. To support when possible but also to become friends. Sometimes that means you help in food distribution, visiting and supporting families or sometimes it means you just take time to have some tea with somebody and a talk or help out at the Secours Catholique day centre.

At our house we live as a community that shares in meals, friendship, and daily prayer; supporting each other in the work we do. We share our hospitality with some of the most vulnerable of refugees from the camp. Neighbors, Calaisiens and people from our local parishes or who live around Calais are invited to join our extended community and be part of the work we do!

We believe in building bridges between communities and bring different people together and to form community. Our Open Evening's bring people from the jungle, from he local L'Arche communities and from different parishes to meet around our table for a meal, a talk, some music and a prayer.

As Mother Maria Skobtsova we believe "each person is the very icon of God incarnate in the world" and that in serving our neighbor, our brothers and sisters we actually venerate God.

Volunteers and Students
Our house and the jungle are also places for spiritual growth and discipleship: by serving refugees and the poor in Calais we learn about the inherent violence, racism and sexism of societies. We offer volunteers and students the opportunity "to serve" and to learn from this experience cognitively but even more spiritually.
The destruction of the South part of the jungle taught us all about the use of State violence against refugees and migrants.

Consider becoming a live-in volunteer?

Live in a residential Christian community;
Serve refugees and the homeless;
Engage in Bible study, spiritual and theological reflection;
Commit six to twelve months.

If you are interested or you would like more information? Please feel free to contact us.


Patricia McDwyer
Email patagape@hotmail.fr

To support the house and the work
you can make a gift to:
Ass. Maria Skobtsova
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