The Mustard Seed Community in Lulea

Our Vision
The mustard seed community is an ecumenical Christian community that lives together at Sundet camp. We want to make space for God's word to take root, grow, and become fruitful in our daily lives. Together we strive to live each day following Jesus through pray, scripture relection, and action.

We are inspired by the early church and the Catholic Worker movement.


Community- We believe that the Christian life needs community. We are inspired by the example of the early church in Acts 4:32-35
In reaction to individualism, we want to live in community. We see the need to create time and space to meet and to serve one another. We have realized that we cannot live alone, but rather need help from both God and each other. We want to encourage one another in the Christian life by sharing a weekly, monthly, and annual rythm that is structured around prayer, common, meals, and household and garden work.

Simplicity- The power of Mammon is strong. We see the need to live simply in order to trust in God rather than in money. Jesus said, "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth..." (Matt. 6:19-21). We want to live in God's abundance. There is enough food and resources on the earth for all people when we live in thankfulness. Everything we have is  a gift from God. One way to practice simplicity is to grow and share our food together. Another way to live simply is to share our money and possession together in community. In this sharing can we also take care of Gods creation.

Hospitality- As a part of our discipleship as Christians, Jesus has given us the call to welcome the stranger. (Matt. 25:35-40) We want to be a community that is generous with the resources God has given us. We want to give time, energy and space for Jesus who comes to us as a stranger. We also want to show hospitality to those who come to us searching for spiritual deepening, rest, or simply to share community.

Nonviolence- While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. God shows us love and forgiveness for our sins. Jesus has shown us the way to peace and reconciliation through his life, death, and resurrection. We strive to work for reconciliation on all levels: in our personal lives, in our community, with our neighbors, in our city and in our world. Jesus said, "love your enemies..."(Matt. 5:44) and "those who live by the sword will die by the sword" (Matt.26:52) How we live each day not only affect our community but also the whole world. Therefore, we resist all forms of violence, oppression, and militarization. We want to meet conflict with nonviolence in the effort for reconciliation.

Our ministries

Prayer and retreat- We pray regularly as a community, but once a month we offer an open community meal with evening prayer and communion. We also offer silent prayer retreat together with EFS church in Luleå two times a year. The mustard seed community is active in this work.

Community meals in the city- Each tuesday evening we participate in an open community meal at EFS church in the city. The food is free and everyone is able to help as much as they are able. We also offer clothes, a shower, and laundry. The mustard seed community is active in this work.

Garding- We grow vegetables! The harvest is used for EFS summer café at Sundet, to the tuesday community meal in the city, and for the community meals of the mustard seed.


EFS Sundet lägergårdGäddvikssundet 57A97594 Luleå.

E-mail: kommunitetensenapskornet(at)gmail.com