Kana Soupkitchen in Dortmund

Kana is a christian community of women and men who are concerned about the growing injustice and poverty in our society, especially about the plight of the homeless. Unlike most Catholic Worker Houses of Hospitality we are not a live-in community.

The guiding principle in our work in the soup kitchen is hospitality. We feel that our guests are at the heart of the Gospel, and our community statement starts: "We search for God, and we find him with the poor." That's why we try to make our soupkitchen a place where the poor are not only accepted, but welcome. They are our guests, whom we serve with human respect and warmth. We are no social workers, who want to educate or help professionally, but normal people sharing the bare necessities of life with those who are excluded from participating in them.

The soup kitchen is open Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 12 to 14 pm.


We also try to speak out publically for the poor, because we see the root causes of their destitution in the injust structures of our economic and state system. Over the years we have led several non-violent campaigns to protest injustices in our city and improve the plight of the poor and homeless here. Once a month we gather for a regular vigil: nowadays in front of the Deutsche Bank to protest against our injust financial system, in former years in front of the main train station to protest against the eviction of so called "marginalized groups" from public squares and buildings. Each year we do an action to commemorate October 17th, the "World Day to Overcome Extreme Poverty".


Kana Dortmunder Suppenküche e.V.
Mallinckrodtstr. 114
D - 44145 Dortmund

E-mail: info(at)kana-suppenkueche.de