Bread & Roses in Hamburg

"Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unaware". Hebr 13,2

We share our house with people who lost their home or shelter for any reason. We started out with inviting any homeless person but are now limiting our offer to refugees and migrants. Usually there are about 8 guests living with us. In the past we had people from all over the world, mainly from West-Africa and the Near East Region living with us. Sometimes just overnight, sometimes they stay for years. Hospitality to us means giving room and food, a shelter, a family. We are no lawyers and we try not to work as social workers in our house. We are just living together. Everybody shares household duties and takes turns in doing the cooking.

The community members share time, cash and work due to our commitment that is renewed annually. Our christian faith is our basis. We commit ourselves to common life, work and prayer. Volunteers are completing our household, living with us for a year or two. In addition people are visiting for some days or weeks. Each day is started with a short prayer in our little chapel in the basement of our house.

We share income and try to live a simple lifestyle. Dorothy Day has told us: "Live simply so that others may simply live." The whole household is very much living on donations, e.g. food, furniture, clothing or money. Some of the community members have income-jobs. Decision making is done through consensus.

We are actively involved in the solidarity work for refugees in Hamburg, in the anti-atomic-energy movement and in the peace movement (among others). We hold a regular vigil against deportations and for the right to stay at the foreign office in Hamburg and we take part in and at times initiate actions on behalf of the outcast and for a just world.

We pray and worship together, and we have regular "round table" discussions for the "clarification of thought" (Peter Maurin) in our house.


Brot & Rosen
Fabriciusstrasse 56
D - 22177 Hamburg

Telephone +49 (0)40 - 69 70 20 85

E-mail: basisgemeinschaft(at)brot-und-rosen.de